Shop smarter with PAYLATER

4 ZERO-FEE instalments.
Shop now, pay later in 4 ZERO-FEE instalments.

Flexible payment options.
Pay however you want. Credit or debit card.

No hidden fees.
Only pay for what you purchase.

Instant Shopping Limit.
Up to RM3,500.

How to use PAYLATER.

Kickoff your best shopping experience.

Download "PAYLATER MALAYSIA" on the App Store and create your profile.
Visit your nearest Urban Republic outlet and start shopping.
Instant approval! Pay your first instalment at checkout using the app.

Extended Instalment Options.

How it works.

RM999.99 and below
(up to 6 months instalments).
RM1000.00 and above
(up to 12 months instalments).
RM2500.00 and above
(up to 18 months instalments).
RM5000.00 and above
(up to 24 months instalments).

Higher shopping limit (>RM3500) can be obtain with documents submission

Frequently Asked Questions

Malaysian Citizen with a valid Malaysia NRIC;
Above 18 years old;
Have a valid email address and mobile number;
Have a valid residential address;
Have a valid Bank Account / Debit Card / Credit Card

There will be no interest charged for 4 ZERO-FEE instalments and pay on time.

    Your Shopping Limit is the available shopping amount you can spend with PAYLATER Malaysia partnered Merchants. Your instalments will be deductible monthly from the date of purchase.

You may request for higher shopping limit in-app. Please do have your latest bank statement (in PDF), utility bill and payslip or income statement ready.

Yes, you can! Both debit and credit cards are accepted for ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ payment option.

Your billing cycle will be monthly.

You may choose either auto debit on your card, or FPX manual transfer to PAYLATER Malaysia via ‘PAYLATER MALAYSIA’ app.

You may opt-in for a refund only if you do so within the same day. No refunds will be entertained 1 (ONE) working day from your purchase using ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option.

Yes, you may opt-in for a maximum of 24 months extension, there is a fixed processing fee. Customer required to make first payment (25%) during checkout process, which means they need to have sufficient money in their account for the first payment of the transaction to go through.

Yes, you may. As long as you are still within your allocated ‘shopping limit’, you may have as many purchases.

Before you miss a payment, the system will notify your repayment is about to due.
Not to worry at all, these things do happen. If you miss a repayment, we will notify you via SMS, system notification and email. You can repay as soon as possible.
Please take note that missed repayment will incur late penalty fee.